Learn to Swim Classes Are the Perfect Bonding Activity for You and Your Young Baby to Participate in Together  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

Have you been searching for swimming for babies lessons for a while and been a little confused by the numbers of them available to choose from? Classes are available in community recreation centres, in private swimming pools and in public pools. Parents everywhere are realising just what a wonderful opportunity these classes are to help them bond with their babies and young children in an activity with health and lifestyle benefits that will last a lifetime. Classes are opening up around the country to meet the growing demand.

Focus on the Fun for You Both

When choosing a class for your baby, ensure that the classes are small and that the lessons don't last longer than around 30 minutes for a very young baby. Even in heated pools, a baby cannot regulate its body temperature as efficiently as an older child or adult and it's important to ensure that the baby does not get too cold. Ensure that the emphasis is on making the baby feel safe and for you both to have fun. These early lessons are essential for teaching a love and respect for water, and this can only happen in an affirming and encouraging environment.

Focus on Your Own Stress Reduction Around Water

Babies notice nerves and stress in their parent or caregiver very quickly. If you want your baby to feel confident in water, you need to feel confident in water yourself. If you have never had the opportunity to learn to swim or if you feel nervous in water, it may be useful to reconsider enrolling your child until you have enrolled in a few classes of your own and feel comfortable in water until your own confidence increases.

Ensure the instructors are qualified and hold appropriate safety qualifications as well as instructor qualifications. If you are serious about teaching your child to swim then choose a school that has technique as a focus from the first lessons. Other schools will focus on helping your child feel comfortable around water and may not commence suitable swimming for babies techniques until the child is around 2 years old.

Keep Practicing at Home

Once you find suitable swimming lessons for babies and enrol your own child in the classes you and your baby will learn lessons you can practice at home in the bath and on your own trips to the pool. As many parents are discovering this makes the perfect bonding activity for you and your baby.

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