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by Pool Builders on 11-21-2010 in Articles

During one of my swimming lessons, I ask one of my students about his kickboard. So what is so special about his kickboard? It is soft, flexible. Without using much of my strength, I can easily bend the kickboard into half. The kickboard has cartoons imprinted on it which it make unique among the peers. I ask the student why you get this kickboard. He mentioned it is purely for his swim lesson and he find it attractive and he asks his parents to purchase it. Upon hearing this, I am on my edge of bewilderment. To my opinion, this kickboard does not serve any purpose except it is unique in the design. To a young beginner in swimming, I believe the kickboard should have the following characteristic.

Solid and Rigid

The kickboard must in a solid form as young beginner is tense in learning swimming. During water confidence activities, I have seen my students who are semi water confident holds their kickboard so tightly that the shape of the kickboard is twisted. Even though, the water activities are conducted at sixty centimeters height, the students have a fear of the pool depth. Imagine a flexible kickboard which the young beginner is holding, the kickboard will be folded during the lesson which may lead the beginners to drop their board easily. The kickboard may be deformed by the end of the lesson. With a solid kickboard, it tends to give the beginners a sense of sturdy feeling thus giving them the confidence of completing their water games.

Normal Rectangle Shape

Personally, I have seen a few design shape of the kickboard. Based on experience, I prefer my students to use the normal rectangle shape which they can be found commonly around swimming complex stores. Rectangle shape has a bigger surface area than other unique design such as fish shape, triangle shape, thus new beginners tend to feel more comfortable holding it. Regarding the triangle shape, I usually ask my students to use it at a later stage where they have achieved a level of competency. I feel that the triangle shape gives less buoyancy and less area for the students to hold so it will directly affect their confidence.

A kickboard is an essential aid for beginners to start their swimming adventures. Even though, students may like the design of the kickboard, it will be important to consider the quality of the kickboard. Personally, I have seen a few design of the kickboard that fulfill my criteria for beginners.

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