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by Pool Builders on 02-10-2011 in Articles

Recently, during one of the swimming lessons, I noticed a big commotion at one of the corners. Everyone was gathering around there and pointing to something. I feel curious as the presence of lifeguard was there too. Hence, I walked over to have a look and saw a heap of human waste in the swim pool. It was totally surprising for me as this is the first time I witnessed such an event. Even though I have heard before this kind of accident, I did not personally witness. This kind of encounter will dampen your mood in swimming and coaching. I believe everyone play a part of responsibility in keeping the pool clean. You do not wish to swim in a pool where you can see a lot of particles floating around you. So what are the ways you can help to contribute to a clean environment?

Below are the points you can take note of.

Shower before you enter the pool.

Swimmers need to be mindful to shower before entering the pool as it helps to remove the sweat on our body. Thus, it will prevent our sweat getting in the water and get the pool water salty. Sometimes, I do encounter inconsiderate people who just take a dip into the swim pool where their body are sweaty. Every swimming pool is equipped with a showering point and it only takes a while to do that to play a part in maintaining the cleanliness. Sometimes, I get feedback from the students that the pool is a bit salty and whether I feel it.

Your Swimming Attire

Every swimmer has the responsibility of washing their swimming attire. I believe it is also your personal hygiene which you want to maintain for your health.

Urinate inside the pool

This is commonly done at the swimming pool as some of the swimmers do not wish to walk a distance to the washing room to relieve themselves or they do not want to break their momentum in their swimming. This is also one of the reasons that the swimming pool water appear to be a bit more salty. The human waste may react with the chlorine or the substance in the water. If their concentration level is high enough, they may cause irritation to our eyes, skins and even respiratory systems.

Everyone plays a part in maintaining the swimming pool cleanliness. By doing your part, you can directly influence other swimmers to do the same. Let's us make our swimming pool clean. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.

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