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by Pool Builders on 12-29-2010 in Articles

Last week, I got an enquiry from a stranger at the swimming pool while I am conducting a private swimming lesson for my students. The conversations that are mentioned are similar to other enquiries which I have encountered previously. The main topics covered are what are the fees being charged, duration of the lesson and others. Thus, it will be beneficial to parents who wish to understand more about private and group lesson.

Below are the points which parents can take note of.

Quality of the Class

Normally, the kid lesson is conducted between 45-60 minutes. For infant and toddlers, the class is usually 30-45 minutes depending on the number of participants in the group.

The advantage of private lesson is the attention span of the coach to guide the kid is 100% compared to a group lesson which may be 12.5% if the group class has 8 learners. Thus, the learner in private class will be able to learn and correct his swimming techniques more often as compared to a group class. Correct technique is essential to swimmers to ensure they are competent to cover long distance and swim in a relax manner.

However, in a private class, the learner may get bored and tired of practicing the techniques as the frequency of resting is lesser compared to group class. In a group class, the learners tend to have longer rest intervals as the coach has to monitor them individually to achieve the optimal result. In a group classes, learners tend to interact with each other and have fun too. Normally, kids at this age like to compete among each other. In this situation, the kids will build up their own confidence to handle peer pressure.

Quality of the instructor

Parents must do their own assessment of the quality of the instructor before enrolling their children to the lessons. Different instructors have their own unique way of coaching the kids to swim thus parents must observe whether their coaching methods suit their children. It is recommended that parents personally went down to the swimming pool to assess if the instructor coaching method suits their children. Parents can also take this opportunity to enquire with the instructor on the structure of the lesson plan to have a better understanding on how the lesson will be conducted.

Fees of the Lessons

Private lesson is more costly than the group classes. Parents can do a check on the individual swim school to understand what the standard rates are for private and group classes. In a private class, parents can choose their own timing and location to suit to their convenience. However, group lesson do not enjoy such leisure as time and location has been fixed.

Parents should take note of the advantage and disadvantage of private and group classes. Most importantly, your children must have fun when learning to swim. Have fun.

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