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by Pool Builders on 02-04-2011 in Articles

Swimming goggles is an essential item in swimming so it is important that you choose goggles that suit to your needs. It has been strange to me that some swimmers do not wear goggles during swimming. I often question myself why their eyes do not feel painful after the swim as the pool water has chemical dissolved in it. The chemical will irritate our eyes and I did not enjoy this burning sensation.

My eyes will be red in colour and tears will drop continuously. During the period where I am training for my lifeguard awards, I am being asked not to wear goggles for training purposes. My lifesaving teacher asks us not to wear goggles to get us physically and mentally prepared to save people. His reasoning is we must be prepared to save people in any situation with any equipment with us. I understand his reasoning and I preserved on till I get my lifesaving awards.

After achieving my awards, I always ensure goggles must be worn on every swimming trips or lesson to enjoy the leisure of swimming and not getting my eyes to be hurt by the contents of the water. Hence, I will choose my goggles strictly. So what are the qualities I take note of when choosing the goggles.

Below are some points you may take note of.

Tightening Mechanism of the goggles

As a leisure swimmer, I do not emphasize too much on whether it is competitive or recreational goggles. The main point is the tightening mechanism of the goggles where I want to ensure that it is simple and easy to adjust it. I do not want to be a situation where I did not know how to tighten and have to spend time thinking of doing it. Thus, I always examined the mechanism before deciding whether to buy. In some situation, I always have to think for a while to assist my students to tighten their goggles to prevent water from seeping into their eyes.

Anti-Fog Function

Most of the goggles nowadays have this function which prompts consumers to purchase. However, this anti-fog will be use up when it is being used regularly. In my opinion, I did not purchase new goggles to replace it. Prior to the swim, I always apply a thin layer of shampoo on the interior of the goggles. It will help to replace back the anti-fog function.


With a reasonable price, I believe I am capable of sourcing for a quality goggles which indeed I have managed to do so. Those good quality goggles will definitely cost a grand due to it functionality. For me, I am just a leisure swimmer thus I believe I do not need such a high quality goggles. It is up to your own discretion whether if you wish to purchase it.

Buying goggles is like buying our normal stuff. If you pay attention to the details, you will get yourself good goggles with a reasonable price. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.

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