Learn to Swim - Your Second Swim Lesson

by Pool Builders on 12-18-2010 in Articles

After the first swim lesson, I believe the kids are eager to go for their second lesson. Before you hit into the pool again, you need to take note of their reaction during the first lesson. If you can feel that they are still not water confident, it will be beneficial to continue with the first lesson teaching points before advancing to the second lesson. If your kids have reached a proficiency in the techniques involved in the first lesson, parents must remember to practice with them the technique again as it will enhance their water confidence. So here are the skills that I will plan for the second lesson.

Front and Back Front in different depth of the Swimming Pool

Before I start my second lesson, I always do revision with the children on front and back front. These revisions assist me to assess their skills and give them reminder on the techniques to improve it. After ascertaining their skills, I will bring them to the deeper pool to increase their water confidence. Normally, I will ask my kids to sit at the edge first before entering into the pool. I will play jumping games with them first to warm up them with the new pool. This is very important as the new pool is like a stranger to them. The jumping activity will also enable me to have an idea who is comfortable with the deeper pool. After the warm up jump, I will ask my children to step down and blow bubbles with their hands held secured to the wall. This activity gives them a sense of how deep the pool is. I will ask the children to straighten their legs and touch the ground of the pool. Once the children know the depth of the pool, their face expression will totally change. For the next activity, I will assist the children for their front and back front exercise. The techniques involved are the same as the first lesson. I will be around them giving them encouragement and to assist them if I find them uncomfortable executing the techniques. For those who are more water adventurous, I will ask them to glide into the pool with the kicking board holding tightly to them.

Breaststroke Kick

When the kids have reached proficiency in their water confidence, I will commence on the swimming strokes. For beginners, there are two styles that swimming instructor will coach. It is either breaststroke or front crawl. In my opinion, I prefer breaststroke as the breathing sequence is more relaxed than front crawl. I will demonstrate the kick to the kids in two different sequences. Firstly, I will show them the recovery phase where they have to tuck in their legs to get ready for the kick. This will be followed by common mistakes which swimmers tend to commit. Secondly, the kicking phase where it will assist the body to propel forward. The kick must be wide and strong to ensure that the swimmers will be able to move forward faster. After the kick, It must be followed by both legs must be closed to each other and are straightened out. This is to ensure that gliding takes place. After the explanation, I will break them into groups and ask them to practice on their own.

The second lesson must be conducted in a way that it is fruitful and informative for the children. I will not overload the children with more complex techniques until I am sure they are able to absorb. Nevertheless, the lesson must be conducted in a fun manner. Have fun.

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