Learn to Swim - Your Third Swim Lesson

by Pool Builders on 01-30-2011 in Articles

After undergoing through two swim lesson, I believe your children must be enjoying themselves in the water. If your children are not enjoying, please do not feel disheartened as they just completed only two lessons. Children need time to adjust themselves for the swim lesson and it is important for you not to give up easily. If your children are still panicking or crying at this stage, I will suggest that you go back to the first lesson focus and repeat the whole process. So what is the third lesson going to focus on? Before starting the lessons, I will instruct the lesson to revise back on the skills they learn on the previous lesson. It is important to me as it is the time where I can gauge on their individual performance. It serves as an indicator to me how fast the pace of the lesson will be and ensuring every student will be able to catch up the skills. So here are the skills that I will plan for the third lesson.

1) Breaststroke kick with Continuous Lap

After ascertaining that they are proficient in their kicking, I will start on building their strength. The leg strength of the kick is important as it enables them to have enough power to propel them to breathe and trains them on their stamina. Normally, I will ask them to hold the board tightly and kick twenty-five meters. Based on my experience, twenty-five meters is enough during the initial phase as most of the students will get tired. It will be beneficial for them to do the correct kick stroke while covering the distance. During this process, the whole group of students will practise in the Olympic swim pool together. It gives them a sense of water confidence that they are capable of navigating in the deep water. During the beginning process, I want the students to hold the board tightly and come down themselves. During this phase, you will be able to observe who the more confident one are. The objective of the action is to give them a sense of water confidence of coming down to the pool with aid. After reaching the twenty-five meters mark, they are required to climb out of the water using the aid of the step and walk back to the starting point themselves. After six to eight laps, the students probably will feel tired and want to do other skills set which I will brief on the next lesson.

Parents must ensure that the children must perform the breaststroke kick efficiently as it will be hard for them to change in later stages. A well executed kick will ensure that they are capable to swim efficiently. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.

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