Learn to Take Care of Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-20-2009 in Articles

Maintaining your pool does not need to be a difficult thing, and if you take the time to keep on top of that you will actually have less work to do and you will see your pool last longer and be more enjoyable to you and your family. Below are a few hints and tips that you can use to make things easy.

One of the things most obvious about pool care is vacuuming and skimming the pool. It does not take long to vacuum the bottom of the pool and it is usually easy to find kids in the area that are happy to do it for you. If you do find somebody to do it for you make sure that they do it the right way; whenever you are using the vacuum it is important to go slowly. If you try and vacuum a pool too quickly you will simply stir up all of the things that are on the bottom that you wish to pull up.

There are now devices on the market that you can attach to your pool pump that will constantly clean the bottom of your pool. They have gone down in price in recent years and if you do not have a lot of time to spend caring for your pool this may be a good option for you. If you have children playing in the pool you may want to remove the device if they are going for a swim but many people will simply leave it running when they want to go for a quick dip a hot day.

Skimming is also important. It not only makes your pool look better and much more enjoyable but it also will keep things out of your skimmer basket if you have one. And if your basket is full of leaves and other debris your pool pump and filter can have a difficult time drawing in water. The least of your worries is that this can make them less effective. The worst that can happen is that your pool motor can seize up and cost a lot of money.

Something that is overlooked by many people when it comes to pool care is having a good test kit so that you know what the chlorine level and PH level of your pool is at any given time. You will find that it is much easier to avoid having algae if you have a chlorine level that is maintained and for only a few dollars you can pick up drops and an indicator vial that can tell you right away if something is wrong.

If you live in an area where you need to winterize your pool take the time to do it correctly. It does not take a very long time; usually one day is all you need to winterize the pool. If it is done correctly though with a good pool cover you can avoid damage that can occur during the months when your pool is closed. Many times the leaves and debris get in under the cover and they can stay in the bottom and cost you plenty of time and money in chemicals to try and fix the problem.

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