Learning Art or How to Swim  

by Pool Builders on 09-04-2013 in Articles

There are a lot of different activities to choose from for developing children; there are afterschool summer programs that can fill gaps in a child's full development, such as their need for creative or competitive or physical outlet. When entitlement and disrespect are the normal results of many education programs, having a place where a child can go to learn discipline, respect, and sportsmanship right alongside learning how to swim, play basketball, or paint is a great solution. There is no reason that a child should not have a full education just because of where they live or their parent's income, and a full education includes sports and arts.
Exertion and Expression
Physical education and expression, such as what happens during organized sports, is crucial to most children's emotional and cognitive development; no amount of flash cards or math equations will help a child understand physics like having to kick that ball around other players and into a goal. No amount of geometry will make a child able to throw a pot on a wheel. While schools across the country are demanding more time, eliminating music, arts, and sports programs, there are other organizations with volunteer programs waiting to fill in these gaps so that children can get the best growth and education to prepare them for a better life. Solo sports offer an opportunity for self-examination and improvement while team sports teach cooperation and communication. There may be other ways to learn these skills, but sports are one of the most interactive ways, and the added competitive angle gives a unique lesson combination.
Little or Large
There are some schools that still offer a sports program or two, just the ones that give kids a chance at scholarships; because a high school degree requires an art credit, there are still basic art classes taught at most high schools, as long as the teacher also does something else. The schools do not need a pool for kids to swim in, nor a room devoted to special ceramic equipment, but this does not mean that a child can never explore their creative or competitive talents; it just means that the guardian of that child needs to look a little further. No parent wishes their child to fail, and when the public education fails to offer everything a child needs to not only succeed, but thrive, then every kind and caring parent looks for something to fill those gaps, whether little or large.

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