Learning Pool Cleaner Problems  

by Pool Builders on 08-16-2010 in Articles

A pool cleaner is very excellent equipment to remove dirt that stuck to the bottom part of the pool which cannot be removed by using filtration system. However, some people may find some problems when using this pool cleaning equipment. At this time, this article is going to give you the important information about pool cleaner problems. Just take a look at the following information so that you can easily recognize when you find problem on this cleaning equipment.

The first thing is about the suction. Suction is known as one of the most common problems that occurred in this equipment. Sometimes you may find that a cleaner only has too little suction and it refuses to move. This problem can be caused by a kink or a blockage in the hose which interferes with the vacuum. On the other case, you may find that there is simply too much suction. This problem is caused by the cleaner that sucks in air from above the surface of the water, which can be harmful to the system.

The second problem may come from the filters. It is known that some cleaner are made with separate filters, and the others can simply pass water into the natural filtration system of the pool. You need to properly clean these filters in order to avoid any problems. If the dirt increases on the filter, it will block the water suction so that the cleaner cannot work effectively in picking up any other particles.

The third problem can come from the gearbox. The gearbox is used by a pool cleaner that moves in the set patterns to direct the movements. The gearbox will tell the valves when they have to switch on and off. The gearbox can be a failure so that it makes the cleaner stop moving or move erratically. When you find that this problem happens, you need to replace your pool cleaner. In order to avoid any problems when using pool cleaner, do not forget to read the instructions from the manufacturer.

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