Learning Scuba Diving  

by Pool Builders on 10-26-2011 in Articles

Scuba diving is your passport to an exciting new world under the sea. The ocean covers three-fourths of our world, and conceals many marvels and wonders, which you can experience with only a modest investment in equipment, training and time.
It is easy to find qualified scuba instructors in nearly any city, particularly those near the water. A quick Google search will give you dozens of possibilities. The best scuba training takes place in a couple of stages €" first in the classroom, covering the basics of equipment and technique, followed by in-the-water training in a swimming pool or other controlled environment. This allows you to become accustomed to the scuba gear in the safest possible manner. The ultimate stage of training is in the ocean or a lake, safely tethered and accompanied by your instructor before you can go off on your own.
The equipment is straightforward. There is the air tank itself €" made of strong steel, containing highly pressurized air. A breathing regulator is attached to the tank by flexible hoses and contains the actual mouthpiece you use to breathe. Don't forget the mask €" spend a bit extra here to get the highest possible quality that will allow you to see clearly without leakage. You will also have a weighted belt to neutralize your buoyancy, as well as an inflatable vest for emergencies, swim fins, a watch and a depth gauge. This basic system is unchanged from when Jacques Cousteau helped invent modern scuba gear in the 1940's.
Your instructor will lead you through various phases of training, covering theory and practice. You will learn how to put on your equipment, how it functions and how to operate it safely. You will learn various scenarios, such as loss of your mouthpiece, and how to handle them, all before you get a single toe wet. There are often written examinations to pass at each stage before advancing onward. Finally the day will come when you enter the water for the first time. It will feel different from anything you've ever encountered before. Even in a pool you will see things for the first time €" and this feeling will be even greater when you enter the ocean.
It will seem like there are many things to remember, but you will improve with practice. After passing your final exam, you will be a certified scuba diver, able to swim where you want, and to experience the water in a whole new, wonderful way.

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