Lelowna Inground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 06-20-2009 in Articles

To state the obvious, an inground pool is one that is built into the ground as opposed to an aboveground pool that sits on the ground. Inground pools come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs and prices. Your specific needs and budget will be determining factors in your final selection. Keep in mind that the total cost of an inground pool goes far and beyond the pool itself. Other costs to bear in mind are regular pool maintenance, equipment to provide for safety, aesthetic accessories, and so on.

Inground pools offer a wide variety of options that have been developed in recent years. Here are a few:

* Customized sizes for compact yards

With shrinking back yards becoming the norm, the buyer can now choose compact inground pool designs that offer all the advantages of a standard lap pool but that fit into a very small backyard. This is a highly desirable option for people who have limited backyard space.

* Focus on Health and Fitness

With our ever-increasing focus on health and fitness, many manufacturers have designed pools that could best be described as water treadmills. With today's advanced technology, it is possible to swim laps in your own back yard in a compact pool with strong jet streams providing the necessary aquatic stimulus for stationery swimming. You can also custom design your inground pool to provide for a complete water workout with such things as water aerobics, weightless exercising, water walking and much more.

* Esthetic Lighting and other spectacular effects

LED and fiber optic lighting have revolutionized the esthetic appeal of inground pools after dusk. The shimmering beauty of cascading waterfalls or jet streams has a distinct appeal for those who desire a relaxing atmosphere. Some pools are designed with vanishing edges to create the look of a natural oasis. There is no limit to the beauty that imagination can create in using customized combinations of natural stone, tile, mosaics, etc. in your complete landscaping design.

* Inground Pool Safety

All Kelowna inground pools must be enclosed by a locked, gated, chain link fence at least 1.2 meters high to comply with local safety codes as stated in the Regional District bylaws. When entering an inground pool, always enter feet first to avert a diving accident. Additional pool safety devices such as pool surface alarms, safety ropes, child safety barriers and safety covers should also be purchased and installed in order to provide a safe and fun environment for all.

For a growing number of people, inground pools are the option of choice. Taking into account the considerable cost of a pool, it makes good sense to buy the best you can afford and not regret your decision down the road.

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