Let Your Bathing Facility Show Some Chemistry  

by Pool Builders on 07-28-2013 in Articles

Your bathing facility is showing some chemistry

Having a Salt electrolysis machine in a bathing facility is a wise thing to do people. The machine's task is to keep the saline content apt in water. The machine is also known as salt cell. The cell has electric plates that create an electric action with the saline content in water. The electric action between the plate splits molecules of sodium chloride into two elements. One is sodium and the other is chloride. electrolyseur au sel[Salt electrolysis] machine installed in a bathing facility keeps producing chlorine periodically.

Your bathing facility wants to have some chemistry with you

The process described above is known a water chlorination (in terms of chemistry). The chemical process revolves around disintegration of sodium chloride atoms. This reaction amounts to disintegration of about 400 to 600 pounds of sodium chloride. The process creates two substances in water.

The first one is an acid that has chlorine as one of its elements. The chlorine content that disintegrates from sodium chloride molecules reacts with two elements - Hydrogen and Oxygen. They are constituents of water.

The second one that results from chlorination is a sodium compound. This compound acts as a purifying agent in water. It clears all the filth that accumulates in the bathing facility. One does not need to manually add chlorine for purification purposes. The pac piscine[pac pool] sanitizing machine does it all for bathers.

The fall of conventions and the rise of the machines in bathing facilities

Earlier water in bathing facilities contained two types of chlorine. One was the chlorine that people used to put in water manually. The second was the chlorine generated from human body. The first one has chlorine ions and it purifies water chemically. The chlorine generated from human body is highly perilous and contaminates bathing water. Bathers perspire and urinate in bathing water. Human waste has amines that react with chlorine compounds in water and create pollution. Such contaminated water gives out foul smell that is unhealthy for bathers. Bathers also suffer from skin and eye itching diseases owing to baths in contaminated water.

Pac pool machine releases chlorine that lessens the amine substances in water. It is known as the shocking agent. It oxidizes water and reduces amine content in it.The machine has a stabilizer that controls the saline content in water. Although chlorine purifies water, but an excess chlorine content will have serious adverse effect on its hygienic aspect. Therefore, manufacturers have facilitated the machine with a chlorine moderator. A moderator keeps the level of chlorine in balance.There are many ways in which this moderator works to control the chlorine level in water. Some of them include water dilution, back-washing and splash-out.

A sanitizing machine comes with a pompe a chaleur de piscine[Swimming pool heat pump] gadget. A Swimming pool heat pump gadget raises the temperature of water in a bathing facility. Anyone willing to get this package, can log on to the web pages of manufacturers who produce water purifying gadgets for people who own large bathing facilities.

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