Let's Have a Pool Party!

by Pool Builders on 07-01-2008 in Articles

If you are one of those who loves giving Summer parties for friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers, a pool-barbecue party is a very good idea which will surely be a great success and make your party stand out.

If you don't own a pool, it may be time considering buying one: above ground, easy-to-set pools, are a great choice if you want something temporary or would not rather have construction works done in your backyard. Besides they are cheap and comes in many sizes, so that you can easily choose which is the best for you.

Once you have a pool, you can start planning your party. A pool-barbecue party is really a wonderful idea because you provide your guests with a fun way to stay together while cooling off and it will surely much appreciated because not everybody has the luxury of owning a pool.

During the planning, you should decide where your guests are going to wear their swimming suits, where they can have a shower and/or dry themselves. A careful and precise logistic planning is required in order to avoid any mess during the party and this is essential if you have many guests: you surely don't want them freely go around your house and wet your carpet!

Make also sure you have plenty large towels on hand for those who forgot theirs and have at least 2 working hairdryers.

One of the things which will turn your party into a success is the amount and variety of pool supplies and accessories you provide your guests. You should not forget to have one or two beach balls and some others inflatable toys which are really cheap. You might have already a floating chair: if not, you should buy one. There are many floating chairs and loungers which can be purchased for a very reasonable price and would add fun to the party. Many floaters are specifically designed for kids and you should not miss to have something for them too. You should also consider buying an inflatable water slide which would be a great fun for kids and adults alike. Also a water sprinkle would be a wonderful idea for kids who would enjoy it a lot. There are lots of different inflatable toys and games available at affordable prices that you are only limited by the great choice!!

Pools activities will increase your guests hanger, so plan the food quantity having this in mind! Besides the meet for the grill, you should have various side dished to meet everybody taste. If you are going to invite a large amount of people, the best thing to do is to prepare a buffet counter so that your guests can help themselves thus reducing your load of work. You should prepared light dishes which can be enjoyed in the hot season. A large amount of vegetables should be considered, so you can prepare many kind of salad. You can also prepare macaroni salad, potatoes salad, and many kind of pies like a spinach pie. Get plenty of fruits and prepare also a fruit salad which will surely be appreciated by everybody.

You might consider having some alcoholic drinks for those who like them, but you should also have plenty of water. Sugary beverages increase thirst, so you should not have many. Prefer water and some sugar free drinks. Consider a large amount of beverages because without refreshing drinks your guests, especially kids and seniors, could become dehydrated and feel bad in the end because of the heat. It's also important that you create some shadow spots for them to rest for a while in case they get annoyed by the sun.

With these few suggestion in mind you can start planning your pool-barbeque party. If you still don't own a pool but are seriously considering buying one, you can find great deals for easy set above ground pools and start planning your wonderful pool parties!

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