Let the Intex Pool Ladders Above Ground Take Care of Your Safety  

by Pool Builders on 06-21-2011 in Articles

The purpose of any pool ladder is to get you in an out of the pool. But how many of us have ever thought that an unsupervised ladder may be the reason of accidental drowning, if it does not have minimum safety features? Many pool and pool accessories sellers have understood that the safety of their buyers comes first. This is why, in order to satisfy their customers when it comes to above ground pool ladders, they suggest only the safest ones.

Due to the Intex pool ladders, above ground, pools have become safer than ever, and the most satisfied are the buyers, who can now be sure that their children cannot climb on top of the pools, if there is no one to supervise them.

Of course, you can always buy ladders that can be moved away from the pool when you are not around to watch your children, but this becomes annoying if you need to do it several times a week. The Intex pool ladders above ground offer the safety needed by you and by your family, and you do not need to remove them from the pool every time you cannot watch your children.
Some of the features that can keep unwanted persons out of your pool, as well as other safety options of these ladders are described below.
Safety features for above ground pool ladders

The first, and probably the most popular way to prevent your pool from being accessed when you are not around, is to choose a ladder that has a gate with a lock on it. This way, no one who does not have a key will be able to climb the ladder. The Intex pool ladders above ground have this safety feature, which is why these ladders are among the top choices of customers that have children. Moreover, these ladders are less expensive than other name brands, and are about the same quality.

An important thing that you should consider when you buy a pool ladder is its treads. They should be wide, deep and should be covered with a non-slippery surface. This prevents your feet from slipping when you enter or leave the pool, and makes the ladder safer for those warm days when you rush into the water. The Intex pool ladders above ground come with up to 18" wide, and up to 5" deep treads, which are enough to feel safe when you use them.

The summer is a very fun time of the year, especially when you have a pool in which you can relax and swim. Forgetting about safety can mess up your fun, and you surely do not want this. An above ground pool can be safer than an in-ground pool, because you can limit the access to it, using the Intex pool ladders above ground, which come with several safety features. Your summer days will be quieter because you will not have to keep your eyes on your pool all the time.

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