Lifting Straps Help With Your New Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-19-2011 in Articles

Does your family love spending time in the water? Are you anxious to enjoy the summer sun? Swimming pools are a haven for families because they provide an outlet for exercise, fun, and a respite from soaring temperatures. There's lots of laughter and meals to be enjoyed around the pool perimeter.

If you're tired of spending a lot of money for memberships to a local pool, it may be time to investigate putting in your own pool. True, there can be some serious upfront investment but some costs can be contained with good planning and budget-minded selection of materials and options. The benefits can include ready access to water for exercise, family time or entertainment. A well-designed pool with complimentary landscaping can add beauty and value to your home and serve as a backyard centerpiece.

Some homeowners opt to manage much of the excavation, permit and plumbing themselves. When the time comes for the pool shell to be delivered, a crane and lifting straps are an absolute necessity to setting the pool in place safely and without incident.

The coping around your pool's edge should be designed to accept chain which then affixes to the lifting straps held by the crane. Be sure to inspect the lifting straps before use to ensure there are no signs of wear or fraying. The crane and lifting strap combination is the safest way to lift your pool shell off the flatbed delivery trailer and place it in the excavated area. One of the benefits is that the crane can then lift, place and even re-settle the pool shell as needed until it fits perfectly in the excavated area.

After placing all the drains and plumbing, you should be ready to start filling your pool. By season's end, you could have a picture-perfect backyard with family fun built right in!

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