Light Up Your Pool With Dazzling Colors

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2008 in Articles

Create an after-dark sensation! The pool industry now offers a slew of cutting-edge features, products, and materials that enhance a pool's overall beauty. Lighting is one of them.

Pool buyers are absolutely floored by today's pool lighting systems. They dress up pools in radiant evening attire, generate incredible drama in the pool, and give an entirely new dimension to your backyard. Lighting also makes the most of any water feature. By blending light with water, pool owners can get double the drama and create sleek, colored accents that take liquid artistry to a whole new level!

Indeed, the days of pool lights that look like an oncoming freight train are over; pool lighting has come of age. Many of the leading pool contractors in the country use one of the two most popular lighting technologies: Fiber-optics and LED (light emitting diodes).

With fiber-optic pool lighting, a spectrum of changing, jewel-tone colors illuminate the pool and water features. Fiber-optic lighting is also easy to operate: Just flip the color wheel and bathe your pool & spa in your choice of fixed color, or set it on rotate and watch the light change in smooth, sweeping motions in an array of rich, jewel-tone colors.

Depending on the region and climate where you live, perimeter lighting that illuminates the outline of your pool may also be an option.

Best of all, this technology sets a new standard for safety. The light source is actually located away from the pool, and it uses a non-conductive cable that will not transfer heat or electric to the pool water. And because the entire system runs off a bulb that that is located at ground level outside of the pool, maintenance is easy: Instead of lowering the water level in the pool to change a bulb-as is required with conventional pool lights-the new bulb can simply be put in at ground level.

Newer to the pool industry is a technology that has years of proven experience: LED. With LED lights, homeowners can enjoy brilliant fixed colors ranging from deep blue to hot magenta.

Where LED really shines, is with a kaleidoscope of light shows. A variety of theme shows with names such as "Fourth of July", "Mardis Gras," and "Tranquility" feature hundreds of colors that cycle through at different speeds to set the evening mood to suit your taste.

LED lights can be synchronized so the colors match in the pool and spa. Or, they can be set to deliver contrasting colors. For example, the pool may be set to light blue and the spa may be emerald. Best of all, LED lighting can achieve an amazing 50,000 hours of dazzling performance.

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