Like to Swim With the Fishes? Killer Pool Exercises to Tone Your Body

by Pool Builders on 02-02-2010 in Articles

Those who want to get their body in shape without loading down their joints will be interested in what I'm about to say. Are about to show you some easy ways to build your muscles while you are in the pool. You can do a lot of calorie burning while having a good time and preserving the health of your joints. Before get started I want you to know that the effect the water has to keep you afloat is going to help beginners and advanced trainers alike.

Being in the pool will keep your body from feeling a lot of stress that you otherwise would feel. Another thing I want to mention is that a lot of the exercises that use jumps and runs are useful in the pool.

The first thing to get us started will be the first prisoner's squats done with nothing but your body's weight. As you lower yourself you'll see how the forces in the pool will help you back up.

You will notice that your joints don't feel much pressure.

There is a lot to gain from exercising in the pool. A good advanced exercise is the squat with only one of your legs.

You'll have to get to one of the pool sides to support yourself as you grab one of your feet in your hands and squat.

You'll find it easier to get your balancing done in the water than if you were on dry land. Lunges are something that's not this is an experience people can to.

This is a great maneuver to do in the pool especially if you are having problems with your knees.

Pull-ups are one of the many self weighted routines you can perform in the pool.

You can make supersets using pull-ups and dips in the pool. Finish off your pool exercising by doing some jumping. Of course you won't be able to get as high as normal.

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