Liven Up Your Backyard Pool Using Tube Slide  

by Pool Builders on 03-01-2012 in Articles

Tired of your oh-so-ordinary swimming pool? You know that deep hole in your back yard that is filled with water. The place where you dive in then get out of in 5 minutes flat because there's just nothing else going on in there. Your friends aren't even awed by its presence anymore. And yes, you'd rather gather in the living room or dining room or entertainment room because in those places at least, fun can exist.

The good news is there is something that can be done to change the swimming pool into something beyond mere functionality! What is more, the change does not entail too much expense or work! It's just a matter of adding something to one side of your pool. Add that something and the swimming pool becomes a place where adventure and fun go hand in hand. That something is a swimming pool tube slide.

A swimming pool slide is that large pipe winding down the side of your pool, full of twists and turns. Or it can be one straight and smooth ride into the water. It can even be movable so that placing it for maximum fun for different kinds of people can be had without having to install another swimming pool slide. On the other hand, a tube slide can also be permanent, staying put in one place only. Each of this type of tube slide possesses their own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the homeowner which of these two will better serve his purpose.

Amazingly enough, a swimming pool tube slide can even be constructed by the enterprising home owner's own hands. The materials needed for its construction are available at the nearest hardware. A big pipe that is as long as the homeowner may want it to be, some bolts, poles, ladder and garden hose can all be found in the hardware. Tips and instructions in making the swimming pool tube slide can be found in the internet. For greater fun in constructing the tube slide, the homeowner can invite friends over to help in making the slide.

Whatever may be the choice, be it movable, permanent, ready - made or handcrafted, the swimming pool tube slide will surely liven up the once simple and boring suburban swimming pool. Imagine all the shrieks of laughter as children try out the tube slide. Or the happy ribbing and good - natured jokes of the adults as they slide down into the pool and then try to race one another back up the tube. Imagine too, the stories that will be told about the adventures that had been experienced through that tube slide. Surely, guests, family and friends will be full of memories regarding that slide. These memories will continue to bring each one of them the warmth and laughter of childhood, of friendship and adventure. And all that is needed is the addition of the tube slide to make all of these memories happen. So, come on and spruce up that pool!

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