Living in Hawaii - Pool Maintenance Tips  

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If you own a house in Hawaii, you might feel like you have stolen a piece of paradise. Blue skies, sparkling waters and white sands create a spectacular, scenic setting. You can create a home style that reflects Mediterranean, Italian or contemporary architectural ideas, but no matter what creative concepts you would like to convey through your residence, you need to find time and budget for the integration of a swimming pool inside your backyard!

Swimming pools and spa centers are an integral part of Hawaii's vibrant culture. However, you have to dedicate a portion of your budget to the cleaning and regular maintenance of your swimming pool.
The hiring of a Honolulu swimming pool service, instead of doing pool maintenance on your own, can save you a lot of time, energy, money and headaches. Identifying the right Honolulu pool service is the first step towards the solution of your swimming pool needs.

Honolulu Pool Services
Hawaiian Pool and Spa is a specialized provider of Honolulu swimming pool services, spa and pool constructions and installations. Another provider of Honolulu pool services is Gecko Pool Service.

Steps for Pool Maintenance
1. One of the most important steps towards proper pool maintenance is testing your water on a regular basis. The testing process is not complicated but you have to check the water balance constantly. A proper chlorine balance is fundamental for the effective maintenance of a healthy water environment.

Healthy aqua environment will also prevent the occurrence of bacteria, rust and equipment damages inside your pool. Your chlorine levels will work perfectly well if you maintain ideal ranges. You have to achieve perfect balance for your alkalinity levels and after that you should adjust your pH levels.

2. Determine the type of chlorine that you would like to use. Sometimes the sun's UV rays can cause chlorine to disappear. Choose stabilized chlorine that contains cyanuric acid to prevent this from happening. Look for chlorine that dissolves gradually into the water.
3. Clean your pool from microbes and bacteria with the help of shock treatments. You have to apply shock treatment on a more regular weekly basis to avoid the accumulation of chlomarines. Chlomarines can cause the formation of bad odors and also irritate your skin and eyes. Sometimes you have to apply shock treatment more than once a week to restore your water's healthy aqua environment. You can apply extra shock treatment if the sun has been strong for prolonged time periods or you have used the pool for intense swimming sessions.
4. Removal of algae - Algae consists of microscopic traces of plants that have been brought into your pool by winds, rains and storms. They make your water look cloudy and stick to your pool surfaces. You need to get rid of algae to maintain perfectly clean waters.
The proper maintenance of your pool is important not only for an overall aesthetic appearance but also for your well-being and health. Plus, when you swim, you will feel so serene and relax if the water around you is clear. Do everything to maintain your water environment pleasant for aqua sports.

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