Living in a Jungle Resort - Amazon Pattaya Condominium   

by Pool Builders on 01-08-2012 in Articles

If you want to live in a Thailand resort, but experience the Amazon jungle in Brazil at the same time, then stay at the Amazon Pattaya Condominium. Yes, it's a condominium but you get to live off in a place that offers a resort style experience €" the exotic jungle way. Amazon Paradise Jomtien is one of those rare condominiums that provide their prospective residents an experience of seeming to be always in some vacation hotel. And although you might say that Pattaya itself is a resort city, it is really different if you're living in your own personal jungle resort right at your doorstep. This clearly is something that is not available to all Pattaya condominium holders. Thus, only those from Amazon can have such amazing experience.

The whole Amazon condominium is decorated with a tropical flair, complete with caves, grottos, and a large swimming area at the center. The tropical atmosphere can be felt from the entire setup of the place. The whole area, particularly the common areas for the residents, is laden with low and tall palm trees and other plants that resemble jungle ferns and water plants. These are especially found in the 1,200 square meter center pool. The swimming pool too further boasts of the tropical, jungle theme through its huge rock formations, sandy beaches and little islands. From some of the rock formations are unique waterfalls and streams of waters coming from above their surfaces. Other rock formations do not serve flowing water sources but rather shade protections for those who do not want to be out under the heat of the sun when swimming.

Another bonus feature of the whole Amazon Pattaya Condominium swimming pool would be the fact that it is also divided into three levels with some shallow areas for wading. The three levels all have plants scattered around them too and beaches with lounge chairs for those who would like to just relax and sunbathe. Littered in the vastness of the waters are not just grottos and caves too but grottos and caves with animal statues among them, like, the series of orange colored piranha fishes lining some trees and the group pink flamingoes inside one grotto. These animal statues also function as water fountains aside from their aesthetic purposes. Water generally flows from their respective jaws and beaks. A walking bridge at one side is built across the whole swimming pool area. People can lazily stroll then under the palm trees landscaped near the waters of the pool, and can do so at a leisurely pace.

The resort spirit given by Amazon to its future property buyers does not end with the pool area. The said condominium also possesses an outdoor fitness center with low beds for Thai massages and hung ones for other wellness purposes. Found too are yoga mats on the wooden floors of the outdoor fitness corner. Green environment is also all around to really emphasize the purpose of the said center. The same fitness center also have wooden chairs scattered around, probably the waiting spots for those who want to use the yoga mats and other fitness center facilities.

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