London 2012 Summer Olympics - Swimming  

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Some interesting facts about Olympic swimming:
€ Johnny Weissmuller was not only famous at the Olympic circuit by outside as well. Not only was he the first person to complete the 100 meter challenge in less than a minute, he also portrayed the role Tarzan on 12 occasions in the movies.
€ The competition was an outdoor event during the 1908 Games at London.
€ American team members Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer were responsible for the first tie for the gold at the 1984 Games held at Los Angeles. They took identical times to complete the 100 meter freestyle challenge.
€ Underwater swimming was a part of the 1900 Games (Paris). The swimmers were scored on the time spent and distance covered underwater.
Swimming is considered the best way to keep the body fit and free of fat. Swimming is a synchronized sport which involves every muscle in your body to act at the same time. The sport is a very popular activity among almost everybody. As a sporting event, swimming was a part of every Olympic season and this year, the spectators wait positively content that there will be some records broken and new ones created.
The swimmers have to physically fit and strong. They should be free from any allergies or any breathing problem. Also they must have strong legs.
This year at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, swimming will be held from July 28th till August 1st mainly at the Aquatics Center at the Olympic Park. The other venue for the sport is the Hyde Park which will host the 10 kilometer Marathon event. Apart from swimming, the Aquatics Center will also host Diving, Modern Pentathlon and Synchronized Swimming. The Hyde Park will host Triathlon apart from the Marathon event. There are 36 medals that will be contested for by 950 swimmers. Of the total of 950, 900 will take part in pool events while 50 will swim in the 10 kilometer marathon. This year, there are a load of events for all the spectators to be positively content about.
The swimming event at the Olympics is based on four strokes which feature in all the Medley and Medley Relay competitions. These four strokes are:
€ Freestyle (predominantly Front Crawl);
€ Backstroke;
€ Breaststroke and
€ Butterfly.
The distance needed to be covered by the swimmers range from 50 meters to 1500 meters. There is an electronic pad at each end and the first swimmer to tap the same is declared winner.
There are primarily three stages in the race: the heats, the semis and the finals. The most watched out races are the 50 meter, 100 and 200 meter races. The relay races cover distances of 400, 800 and 1500 meters.
There are a number of judges to cover an entire race. These include:
Start and end judges;
Stroke judges;
Turn judges and
Chief referee who oversees the competition.
In swimming, false start means disqualification. All the strokes are closely scrutinized along with turns to ensure they are clean. The chief official is made aware of any discrepancy and it he who decides what penalty should be imposed. Therefore, all swimmers must not be positively content thinking that their mistakes might be overlooked.

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