Look Deep Before You Leap  

by Pool Builders on 08-04-2014 in Articles

The title of this article comes from Judge Mablean Ephriam. She is the former judge of the €Divorce Court€ television show. Although I would watch the show for kicks and giggles, I would often listen to some of the advice that she would give to the soon to be divorced couples. Admittedly, I didn't always apply it to my life. €Look deep before you leap€ is what she would always say to the couples before she banged the gavel down. That simply meant one should really think critically about the relationship that they are about to get into. I think that quote should apply to other aspects of life as well.

I'm not gonna lie! I have jumped into many proverbial shallow swimming pools before. From where I stood on the diving board, the water looked safe and deep enough for me to jump in. My €Shallow swimming pools€ have included bad relationships, shaky business deals, working for and with shady people and going against my better judgment among other things. After bumping my head a few times on the bottom of the pool, I started to take a closer look.

€Hindsight is 20/20€ is probably one of the most profound statements on the planet because it causes people to see things and situations clearly after they have gone through unfavorable experiences. In the words of Oprah, they have experienced an €Ah ha moment.€ But how many ah ha moments could be avoided if folks would focus and use 20/20 vision in the first place? For me, it's far too many to mention.

I think we neglect to look deep before we leap because we get caught up in emotions. We are too concerned about feeling all warm and fuzzy opposed to seriously brainstorming things that could greatly alter our lives. Think of all the times we've said, €It just feels right!€ and then when we used our hindsight vision, we saw that it was all wrong.

When I climbed out of the shallow swimming pools while rubbing the newly formed knots on my head, I was also left with some other painful and avoidable after effects. Those things included but are not limited to a broken heart, lackluster credit, regret, doubt, distrust and anger. However, the one good thing that I emerged from the pool with is laser vision focus! I might have been the same fool twice (OK, maybe a few more times than that), but I learned valuable lessons along the way.

So what am I saying? Unless you like lumps on your head, look deep before you leap. To break it down even further, stop taking things at face value. If someone approaches you with a big bright shiny ring that appears to be a diamond and offers to sell it to you for $50,000, are you going to immediately reach into your pocket to pull out cash to pay for it? Or are you going to take it to an appraiser to see if it's worth it? I have the utmost faith that you chose the latter. Now that you have picked up what I just laid down, apply that scenario to your life the next time you step on to the diving board. Trust me... it's less painful.

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