Look Well After Your Pool Enclosures for Their Extended Life  

by Pool Builders on 04-28-2014 in Articles

If you have to take care of your mechanical equipment then you need to make sure that they undergo some preventive maintenance for their long life. The measures can range from small to big. Maintenance includes complete overhauling, replacing worn parts and so forth. The mechanical equipment at the commercial setting requires regular and high level of maintenance but thankfully that is not the case with non-commercial or residential equipment. But, they do need maintenance. For example, Automatic Pool Covers, even they need to be taken cared of once in a while. These covers, though not much but have some or the other drive mechanism, cover fabric and tracking system that needs absolute care no matter how high graded materials the cover has been manufactured with!
The sliders and the guides are the commonly replaced components of this type of Pool Enclosures. The reason for this is that they tend to wear down very easily because of their frequent opening and shutting. Hence, it is recommended that you replace the sliders and guides around every two year. Chemical build-up, debris and excessive dirt have a great capability to damage and shorten the life of the serviceable parts of the pool enclosure. So make sure that you do a regular inspection and cleaning to keep the things in perfect shape. At what point should you replace the parts will clearly depend upon their usage and the surrounding environment.
If you have this type of Pool Enclosure for your swimming pool then you must be aware that drive motors as well as the cover fabric are the most expensive replaceable parts it has. But the best part is they have a longer life and usually tend to live well longer than their warranty period. The cover fabric usually costs almost the half of the total price of the automatic pool cover. So yes it indeed is very expensive! But the best part is that they have a life of about 10-12 years which is fine. Changing these covers after that long shouldn't be that big a problem for the people who have their own swimming pool.
There are certain things that you can do on your part like its regular maintenance like cleaning the covers once in a while, maintaining water chemistry and so forth. This will indeed help you extend the life of your Automatic Pool Enclosure. Make sure that you get all this done with the professional services as they have the required expertise to handle the cleaning and maintenance.

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