Look Whats New In Wildly Realistic Coral Reef Pool Liners  

by Pool Builders on 03-29-2009 in Articles

You simply won't believe your eyes when you first see these new coral reef and tropical lagoon pool liners. They look so amazingly real that you may want a spear gun when you first jump in. However; it is the kids that really go nuts over them and you will definitely have your work cut out for you trying to get them to eventually come out of the water.

Truly An Adventure In Swimming

Theres nothing fake about these new decorative pool liners. Craggy barnacle encrusted rocks dot the pools sand covered bottom bottom. Peppered among the rocks are exotic corals, starfish and crabs just to name a few of the fauna that inhabit the pools lower depths.

A Multitude Of Colorful Fish

Along the sides is a veritable cornucopia of bright colorful fish species, swimming amongst streams of sea weed in a number of shades of green and brown. In fact, the fish at times seem ready to swim right off the sides of the pool.

No Fading No Problems

The colors and textures will never fade, because all are molded right into the pool liner itself. Also, just like any standard vinyl pool liner these new brilliant pool liners are almost completely maintenance free. Add to that that they install just the same as any other type of vinyl pool liner.

Kid Tested and Approved

Your going to have to hire a full time guard at your gate to keep all of the neighborhood kids out of your backyard once word gets around because kids just go nuts over these new amazingly realistic pool liners.

Take Your Pick of Tropical Design Styles

Your kids will be talking about your backyard pool long into adulthood, because there is simply no forgetting these crazy tropical pool liners. The only tough part will be deciding on which one to choose, because there are so many choices to select from.

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