Looking for a Relaxing Holiday? Try Villas in Binibeca  

by Pool Builders on 01-27-2013 in Articles

A quaint little coastal fishing village situated on the Spanish island of Menorca, Binibeca is the ideal location for a holiday if you enjoy life at a quieter, more relaxing pace. This holiday resort is about 20 minutes away from the island's main airport - either referred to as Menorca Airport or Mahon Airport depending on who you speak to.

There are also many great villas in Binibeca.

Ranging from two storey buildings, drenched heavily in rustic stylings to flashier structures boasting balconies providing spectacular swimming pool views, the villas in Binibeca can certainly be described as luxurious. If you're the type of holidaymaker that just wants to make the most of a week off - relaxing and lounging around in the pool - the villas in Binibeca are ideal. Most of them provide access to a private swimming pool, which is also great in that you can easily cool down in temperatures of 73 Fahrenheit - well on average at the very height of the summer.

The resort itself is divided into two rather distinct sections.

If you opt to go for a villa to rent in Binibeca you'll probably want to visit both of these areas; however, the newer area, Binibeca Nou is the one that will suit you most if you primarily want to top-up your tan on your holiday at villas in Binibeca. It's dominated by lush stretches of sandy beach. Well-sized, there's ample enough room for sunbathers to really spread out in the Mediterranean heat. The sea is idyllically blue and very inviting.

Visitors that find the heat too much can always retreat under a parasol or even back to the villas in Binibeca they happen to be staying at. Getting back to the villas in Binibeca from this area is relatively straight forward; let's just say you won't have to expend too much energy during the walk back. During the evening Binibeca Nou provides some nightlife options, but they're more family orientated - so not too many bars or clubs.

Should you find yourself wanting to put on your best outfit and hit the clubs, you could quite easily book a taxi from the villas in Binibeca to either the nearby St Lluis or Menorca's capital, Mahon. Both of these locations have an array of nightclubs, such as the jazz and dance club Akelarre.

Holidays at villas in Binibeca are also great for those looking to enjoy the best cuisine the Mediterranean has to offer. You'll be in your element if you have a love for seafood dishes. The absolutely delicious selections of seafood you can expect to experience on the island include squid, sole, prawns and lobster - word has it that the lobster stew prepared at the restaurants, not far from the villas in Binibeca, is absolutely divine.

If you aren't just content with whittling your holiday at one of the villas in Binibeca away by relaxing, and you want a little more excitement, you could try some diving. There are opportunities for people of all skill levels to scuba dive in some of the Balearic's finest waters - and potentially come away from your holiday at one of the villas in Binibeca able to say you tried something new.

Before picking a villa in BInibeca though, you'd be best advised to carry out some initial research online.

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