Lose Weight From Your Thighs - Walking in the Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-20-2008 in Articles

Walking and jogging have been proven to be effective exercises to lose weight. They are both forms of cardiovascular exercises, not only do they get rid of fat, but also built stamina.

But have you heard or tried walking in the swimming pool?. Water is a great source for workout, you feel light while the water pressure puts force to your body parts. This not only gets rid of fat, but each step you take is harder and utilizes more body muscles. So if you are obese or do not want to workout on land or at the gym, then walking in the pool is the best exercise for you. Try standing in the shallow end, and walking towards the deep end. Make sure you now the depth of the deep end before you start walking.

When you start walking look up straight, correct your posture with your shoulders broadened. Breathe properly, and hold your stomach in. This will strengthen your abdominal muscles. Start walking like you would on a usual treadmill machine, with your hands on the sides and your chin in the air. When you start walking you will feel pressure on all parts of your body. Take every step with caution and try utilizing most of the muscles of your body. If you start walking in the pool start with a minimum of twenty laps, and every day increase five laps.

By the end of a week or so you should be easily walking fifty or more laps in the pool. You will start noticing the difference within a few days. Not only will your body be losing extra fat, you will be building stamina. Your breathing would become a lot more principled, your stomach more in, and your curves more visible.

For all the people who are concerned about losing weight from their lower abdominal, butt and thighs area this is a great workout for them. You will get rid of all the extra fat on your legs, and thighs. The fat on the inner thigh is the most difficult to get rid of, but walking in the pool will take care of burning it as well.

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