Love Water: Make a Pool in Your Own Backyard.  

by Pool Builders on 05-21-2014 in Articles

Got some extra space in your yard big enough for a pool? You can enjoy the pleasure of having a pool even in a small space. Pool masonry and design must blend in with the space. Curves, angles, steps, seats, landscaping, decks all add the design.
If you love plants design a tropical pool. By adding tropical plants in your garden, it will give the feel of paradise. A brick patio design along with a pool would just create a wonderful mood.
Things to be done:
¶ Small pools can be spa sized, 7 to 9 feet. Find the possible location and best suited style.
¶ Consider the landscaping while choosing the shape of the pool. in free form garden a free form pool will do well. While in a geometrical garden geometric forms will look good.
¶ If you have a formal look, then add statues in the pool. They may be in the form of fountains.
¶ Always consider safety factors. Use filtration system.
¶ If you have space use pool masonryLong Island ideas to add a waterfall or a small winding river.
¶ Consider according to budget the technology you want to install. Like energy efficient pumps and heaters, salt-chlorinators, and high flow fittings.
¶ Add a patio to complement the pool. This area serves well for get together.
Types of pools:
€« Wading Pools: these are pre shaped, pre formed pools. They are generally made from plastic. Typically for small children. You need to change water daily.
€« Splasher pool: moulded PVC is used to make an enclosure to hold water. They are generally round in shape. They are bigger than wading pools.
€« Above Ground: steel walls or vinyl liners are used to make these structures. They can be used all the year round. They have filtration system. They are mostly as deep as 4 feet.
€« Exercise Pools: they can be freestanding of in ground structures. They are narrow but deep. They offer resistance to swim against by using current or large lane pools for competition.
€« In-Ground: for this concrete is poured in large pits. Then painted and painted with chlorine rubber based paints. To make idea work, you need skilled pool masonry Long Island.
€« Fibreglass pool: they are pre formed. They need to be hoisted in the yard. It offers the smoothest surface avoiding any algae from growing.
€« High End: these are very expensive. Known as negative end or infinity pools. It creates an illusion of water reaching the horizon. There seems to be no end.
€« Ocean pools: these can be built in homes near oceans. They use ocean water.
€« Commercial: Olympic-size pools. These are heated pools to meet the standards of size, composition and lighting.
€« Wave pools: they create an illusion of water being in motion just like and ocean. They also have gradual entry at times.
Around the pool:
The area close to pool also needs attention. A beautiful brick patio design would provide a perfect place to relax by the pool. It can be a great place for barbeque. They are easy to maintain. Regular sweeping and washing will suffice.

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