Luxury Apartments-An Overview  

by Pool Builders on 03-08-2012 in Articles

A room or suite of rooms designed as a residence and generally located in a building occupied by more than one household is known as a luxury apartment. A luxury apartment provides all the facility which makes the person feel comfortable in their own home. Such apartments are often located at specific places which are the best places of the town. Luxurious apartment are usually ranked as the €A' grade apartments and their rents are mostly according to the geographic location. The Rent of Luxurious apartment at most expensive place of the town is obviously greater than the normal place. Luxurious apartments consist of two, three, and four rooms with ample space of terrace.The Architechral design of the luxurious flat is very attractive and it is basically designed for the comfort of the customer.The Luxurious apartments are situated in the frontline and surrounded by a new Golf Course, with sea view, extensive garden, swimming pool, and gym and spa area. All of the luxurious apartments have the generous space and they are provided with the facilities required in this category.
An apartment is not a luxurious one unless it has the facilities which are present from the beginning in a luxurious apartment, like a comfortable and stylish bed and sofas, fully fledged working kitchen, maid services, cook services and many other features. Spa and social club are mostly at the center of the apartment and are called as the heart of the apartments.Gymnasium of these Luxurious places is equipped with all the facilities such as a heated indoor pool with spa jets, Jacuzzi, sauna and a steam room.The outdoor community swimming pool is surrounded by extensive community gardens and decorative pathways.All these facilities add privilege to the apartments which are the qualities which make these apartments luxurious.Area of these apartments varies, it mostly consist of two to four bedrooms with a single or two bathrooms.The internal length of these apartments varies from 124 to 281 meter square; the terrace size varies from 42 to 115 meter square. Most of the flats usually have these lengths but it can also vary.These luxurious apartments are also available for the tourist so that they could have it during their stay in the city.
These apartments are available for minimum one night to a year. The best thing about the luxurious apartments is that they are in the easiest reach, which makes it attractive for the tourists. Most of the time these apartments are located near the commercial area or within the commercial area so it becomes a perfect place for a tourist to live as they can enjoy all the luxury and easy access to the market and other entertainment facilities. If seen from a family point of view then it can be see that for family these apartments are more convenient because these cheaper than hotels, while for the tourists they provide the additional facilities like, DVD Players, double glazing, hairdryers, microwaves, Washer/Dryer, bath and separate shower, dining tale and chair, hair chairs are also available, oven, wooden flooring, dishwasher, full kitchen and Ironing facilities.

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