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by Pool Builders on 01-08-2013 in Articles

When you're planning a high-end swimming pool, don't stop at the pool. Continue on into your entire yard encompassing both the water and fire; and you don't have to actually play with fire to achieve it.

However you will want a dedicated pool architect who will listen to your ideas and even develop a few of his own. The professional will have developed the amount of pools he's designed that looked good, but also worked well. Fire and water don't mix well together. Apart they are fine, but when you put them together, they work against one another. Water destroys fire, and the opposite is true as well.

However, you can prove those statements wrong. You have your own ideas, but how will it work to have a bowl or other fireproof container in or at the side of your pool that will reflect flames into your pool. You could have a simple fire pit, but that is too simple and anyone could build that. You want more, so you'll have to search to find someone who can do that.

Search no more, because the €mixture of fire and water' has come of age. They are everywhere in places from Las Vegas resorts and casinos, to high-end hotels, so why can't you have them in your back yard?

That's the point, you can. Today there are businesses that design technical mechanic components that your pool contractor can install. They look simple, but when you see them at work, you'll change your mind, and you'll want one of their designs. Las Vegas probably was the very first to want the mixture of fire and water featured within their resorts, and they didn't stop there.

Don't be surprised when you find your entire yard transformed into a deserted island right in your own neighborhood. Your home will become, if it hasn't already, the highlight of your neighborhood. Curb appeal undeniably will be improved, but once you get your yard just the way you want it, you'll never want to leave.

So take the plunge, find out what's available in your area today. Call that swimming pool architect to come to your home and help you design your own hide-away. That's the first step, and you'll be excited when the last step is taken as your new swimming pool fills with water. You'll find enthusiasm when you click on the remote and fire bursts forward while water cascades over the stones.

The reflection in the water will give you the relaxation, peace of mind, and pride of ownership every time you step into your back yard.

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