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Vacation rentals don't only provide apartments, condominium suites, cozy cottages and comfortable homes but they also have such luxuries as chateaus, villas, rolling estates, exotic hideaways and island homes.

Villa Salice, a historic villa in Italy

If you are looking for a rustic atmosphere, you might want to spend a few weeks in this villa. The villa is old but has recently undergone remodeling for the purpose of renting it out. It is located in the Lake Maggiore of Italy's Peimonte (the foot of the mountain) region.

Villa Salice is located in the Peimonte region of Italy and is situated near Lake Maggiore, which is the second largest lake in Italy. The villa is to the south of the Alps is part of the village of Meina.
Even though the ambience of the village and the villa itself is old world, the area has its own share of restaurants and shops. There is even an ice cream parlor for the kids. Villa Salice is the ideal place to go if you want a serene and rustic atmosphere for your holidays.

Presidio del Mar in the Carribean

This exclusive resort has only 6 rooms in all. That makes it ideal for vacationing in a secluded spot with your friends. It is on the north shore of St. John's

The place is completely featured with the latest amenities. Just 200 feet down the slope of the elevation where the resort stands is the beach of Peter Bay with its white sand. Within the establishment, there is also a swimming pool, a place to sunbathe as well as warm showers.

Naturally you have a rich choice of delicious and healthy menus to choose from freshly cooked from the gourmet kitchen.

This is definitely one of the best choices for people who want to get away from the bustle of modern living to a life of quiet and stylish quality.

Astarte Villa in Greece

This is a modern vacation rentals villa which overlooks Agios-Ioannis bay, the sea and the island of Delos. The architecture of the villa is luxurious yet homey. It features a private infinity pool, sunbathing deck where you can enjoy the sun while watching the spectacular scenery surrounding the villa.

This is a place where you can expect to enjoy complete privacy.

Vacation rentals will cost you less

So instead of booking yourself in conventional hotels for your vacation, you could be paying much less and getting more for your money by researching on vocational rental offers on the internet. These are normally privately owned and don't need the owner to hire people to keep them in good condition regularly. Naturally, with less maintenance costs and fewer operational costs, they will be letting these out at affordable rates.

If you want to bring one or two pets along with you, there are also pet-friendly vacation rentals that you can select.

A few tips

It is best not to rely too much on photographs of the place you are interested in. Schedule yourself for a brief visit to the site so that you can see the actual condition of the place you are renting as well as the neighborhood and the commercial areas nearby. This becomes even truer when you are eying a luxury site.
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