Magnetek Pool Motors - The Heart of Your Swimming Pool System!  

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2012 in Articles

Proper pool maintenance is mandatory to keeping healthy pool, yet certain steps to maintenance are essential and this fact is known to all owners. Having a pool at your backyard implies you also need a pool pump, regardless of whether it is in or above ground. The important pool component is its motor and there are various pool motors available and the Magnetek motors is most popular.

Pool brands keep varying and there are well known brands such as Hayward and Jacuzzi also deploying identical motor. Magnatek motors are of high quality standards as they are threaded shaft motors. The Magnatek pump motors entire functioning relies on the motor such that the working of the pump is smooth. The pump circulates water and the motor helps in doing so. Choosing pump motor should be done ensuring it has adequate power to move as well as circulate water.

Special features

Magnatek pool motors owe popularity and the fact is clear they are reliable and long lasting. Their high quality makes them a place in majority motor pumps.

The highlights of this motor are that it has a capacitor start and automatic thermal protection. The automatic thermal protection averts motor from subsequent damage and overheating. These motors feature stainless steel shafts, ball bearings and C brackets in aluminum. They are class B insulated with two speed motors.

The pump motors manufactured by Magnetek are in high quality and the added advantage is it comes with one year warranty. However, using the warranty service is less with magnetek pool motors. Choosing any full rate energy makes it an efficient model to remember so that they are suitable to use at 50 Hertz. Our magnetek pool motors are made of quality material and are highly reliable.

The Magnetek pool motor is a great choice for any pool pump as it is high on efficiency, reliability and quality and is the right option to vouch. This is the reason that these motors are highly popular as they come featured with rotating power that is useful in commercial, industrial and residential systems. They also power an array of equipments such as exercise treadmills, pool pumps, air compressors, elevators, exhaust fans, air conditioners and conveyors.

Owing to its best features and high capacity Magnetek is a common name with spas, resorts and hotels. Home owners and other rentals also featuring swimming opt for these motors for its efficiency.

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