Maintaining A Swimming Pool - Basic Tips and Guide

by Pool Builders on 02-10-2011 in Articles

Maintaining A Swimming Pool

Pool maintenance is one of those boring tasks in life that we have to do, but it is essential to keep a regular maintenance schedule in order to keep your swimming pool water crystal clean.

It is one of those tasks that if you forget to do it for a few days, it can rapidly turn in to a pool nightmare. It is far easier to prevent algae growing in your pool in the first place than it is to try and get rid of it once it has taken over your pool. In many such cases you may well end up changing all of the water, which takes some considerable time and money to do.

The two main things you need to concentrate on in your pool are keeping the filtration system clean and ensure that a good chemical balance of the water in the pool is maintained.

You will need to check the water filter at least once a week, or ideally twice. With regards to the chemicals you will need to check your pool weekly to ensure that the Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, and the water hardness are all within the correct parameters.

The most important chemical level to maintain is the chlorine level as chlorine is responsible for killing off organic matter and germs that otherwise will grow and gradually block the filter system. Left untreated this organic/algae growth can take over your whole pool, and in addition such growth may cause such a strain on the pump filter that the swimming pool pump burns out.

Also every now and again you will have to carry out what is called a "Super Shock" to your pool to super chlorinate it to totally kill off bacteria. Your swimming pool installer will be able to advise on how often this needs doing, as it may vary from filtration system to filtration system.

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