Maintaining Ideal Pool Levels

by Pool Builders on 06-16-2009 in Articles

Chlorine Levels

The chlorine levels should be kept in a range between 1.5 and 3.0 PPM. This is important if people are going to be swimming in the pool. If the levels are high, it will be unsafe for swimming. If the levels are low, it can allow bacteria to grow in the water. The chlorine level should be checked when the pool levels are tested weekly. If you would have to adjust the pH level, afterwords, you would have to recheck the chlorine level to make sure you do not have to raise or lower it. The pH levels can affect the chlorine levels.

Low Water Levels Cause Pools Problems

Pool levels are not the only thing that affects the water conditions. If you do not keep the water levels where they should be, the pool filters and skimmers will not work correctly. This allows dirt and debris to stay in the pool and play havoc on the pools chemical levels. You must maintain the proper water levels as well as the chemical levels to keep a pool safe. If the pool is open to swimmers, you must keep the water levels and chemical levels correct.

Dirty Water and Pool Levels

Allowing the pool levels to deteriorate can cause algae growth, debris to clutter the water and makes the water unsafe. Dirty and cloudy water is unsafe for many reasons. You cannot swim in it safely because the chemical levels may be wrong and the dirty water can cause health issues if ingested. It is very important that the pools problems are corrected before anyone is allowed to swim. You must clean the debris from the water, keep the water level where it belongs and test the water for proper chemical levels.

Use a testing kit at least once a week or twice a week when the swimming season is high to make sure that the pool levels [] are maintained. Make sure to add chemicals when needed and keep the pool water healthy for swimming. Never allow pools to become filled with debris or low chemical levels. Pools are easy to keep clean and safe if you do a weekly testing of the chemicals and keep the water levels where they need to be for the filters to work correctly. This will make the pool safe to swim in and not cause any health problems to swimmers.

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