Maintaining a Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2010 in Articles

When a pool is not maintained, it can easily turn green over time. The green color is actually algae that form in the water turning it into an unpleasant color.

To prevent algae from forming in your pool, it is important to stick to a regular cleaning schedule. If you do this then the water in your pool will always be clean and you can go swimming in your pool anytime you want without worrying about germs and infections.

To monitor the cleanliness of the pool, use a test kit that allows you to test the level of chemicals in the water. It is fairly inexpensive and easy to do. Still, there are a number of conditions to look out for, especially because chemicals can react differently to water.

It is not enough to treat the water in the pool. The walls and bottom of the pool also have to be scrubbed as algae can gather on them. Using a quality vacuum cleaner on the bottom can make cleaning it easier and faster.

There are automatic robot vacuums that can clean the pool when no one is swimming in it. Though expensive, they are worth the price. Make sure to skim the debris at the top of the pool if you get one. Debris can clog the vacuum and break it.

Also, take care of your water filter. The pool filters have to be checked regularly as these can easy get dirty and full of debris.

Change any paper filters and backwash any sand filters to keep them working properly.

Your pool is also at the mercy of weather conditions. If it constantly rains in your area, this can cause the chemicals in your pool to get used up quicker.

When the temperatures rise, this causes the chemicals to react faster and thus get used up. To help in dealing with this problem, give your pool regular shock treatments.

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