Maintaining a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-23-2010 in Articles

People love water and having a swimming pool in your back yard is perfect way for a family to enjoy spending time together.

A swimming pool can compliment your home and landscape. It can also be a great place to entertain guest.

Pool maintenance can be a time consuming hassle. There are many new technologies available today to assist a pool owner in the tasks of caring for a swimming pool.

Salt water chlorinators can eliminate the need for adding chlorine to your pool every day. Chlorine is a vital chemical in maintaining a swimming pool in order to keep it sanitary and bacteria free. Salt water chlorinators turn regular table salt into usable chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool. As the chlorine the generator produces is used up, it turns back into salt, the generator then turns it back into chlorine so it can continue to sanitize the pool. A salt water chlorination system eliminates the need to transport and store potentially dangerous chemicals. By producing chlorine as it is needed, the pool owner doesn't have to keep unsafe chemicals around to risk children and others coming in contact with it.

The initial cost of a salt water chlorination system may seem high until you consider that it is no longer necessary to purchase chlorine for your swimming pool. The salt water chlorination system doesn't use up the salt. Salt only needs to be added as water is removed from the pool, such as splashing or water removed by swimmers as they exit the pool. The cost to operate the salt chlorination system is minimal since it produces chlorine while the pool filter is operating. In most cases maintaining a salt system only requires that the salt generator cell be cleaned annually. Salt cells can last for many years if they are properly maintained.

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