Maintaining a Swimming Pool - Some Basic and Advanced Tips  

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2012 in Articles

Nowadays many people own swimming pools. Some are built in the homes while others are found at the recreational centers such as health clubs and private clubs which are mostly used for exercise. Since they serve a very important purpose in our day to day lives, good care should be taken to maintain their effectiveness.

First of all, we should consider growing plants that can be used to make the landscape of swimming pool area. Most of us know that plants will always provide beauty and some sort of privacy around the swimming pool. Even though plants that are tall enough will create a privacy screen at the pool area, they must be chosen wisely. Striving for low maintenance plants is of great help rather than going for large deciduous trees simply because you will end up fishing all those leaves of the water, not keeping it always clean and attractive. The needle-bearing evergreen trees can also mess up the pool area. If you want to make a swimming pool a safe area for everybody, using fruit trees should be avoided in because they attract bees a part from being messy. Worse enough, plants that have root systems that are invasive can damage a swimming pool for years.

Fencing a swimming pool area is another way of maintaining it especially if you are rearing animals. This will hinder them from getting to the pool to drink water from there and their droppings can be a threat to ones health if the water is made unclean. It is also good for the safety of the children if they are around. Generally, good fence design offers privacy.

Consequently, building pool decks or patios for the swimming is important because while climbing out of the pool you will be rest assured of a slip-resistant surface to land just in case of anything. Chlorine should be added to the water because automatic chemical feeders slowly meter out precise amounts of chlorine into the pool water offering precise control over the amount of chlorine being added into the water hence you will not want to worry about chlorine levels for about a week or more.

For proper maintenance of the pool some people pass electric current through the pool weekly. This helps in cleaning up the pool due to the chlorine that binds some chemicals like ammonia and nitrogen; it creates an irritant which causes skin conditions such as jock itch. A proper pH level should be maintained in the water given that is at the same level with the pH of human tears. It can be best measured with a drop-type test kit versus a test strip, this must be done with due care since it can be misread easily.

The water of the pool should be tested at least two times a week to ensure balance, because by so doing you are guaranteed an easy and low maintenance throughout the swimming season. We all treasure having swimming pools therefore, adequate measures should be put in place so that they are taken good care of for us to continue enjoy using them.

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