Maintaining a Swimming Pool Throughout the Year

by Pool Builders on 08-12-2009 in Articles

Regular maintenance of a swimming pool is imperative to ensure that it can be used throughout the year. Whilst cleaning is the starting point of all pool maintenance, the procedures differ throughout the year.

Spring - one of the most important times of the year for pool maintenance is spring. The weather is getting warmer and the pool is beginning to be used occasionally. Throughout spring, a full and intense cleaning should be carried out, including vacuuming the floor and thoroughly washing the tiles with the appropriate pieces of equipment.

In addition, spring should also be the time when the chemical level of the water is started to be checked regularly, with any chemicals required being added to make the water as clean and as safe as possible.

Summer - the busiest time for swimming pools is without doubt the summer period. The weather is warm, the days are long and it makes a welcome break from the hustle or bustle of everyday life to relax in the pool water.

As the majority of initial maintenance should have been carried out in spring, maintaining a pool throughout the summer is a relatively easy process. Each morning and night any unwanted objects, such as insects or foliage, should be removed from the water and the chemical levels should be checked regularly, adding the appropriate chemicals to ensure that the water remains at an acceptable pH level.

It has to be noted that as a pool may be subject to heavy usage, additional cleaning may be required depending on the amount of usage it receives.

Autumn - Pool usage generally begins to tailor off throughout autumn, although regular use is still apparent, particularly in early autumn. Similar to summer, autumn maintenance should involve the regular checking and maintaining of chemical levels within the water, as well as daily removal of foliage and insects.

As autumn is the time of year when the trees begin to lose their leaves, it is often worthwhile to invest in a skimmer or net, which can be used to remove large amounts of unwanted items from the top of the pool in an easy fashion. However, if it is situated in an area surrounded by trees and other greenery, owners may look at purchasing a cover to place over the area when not in use.

Winter - due to the cold weather, unless a pool is heated and indoors, it will very rarely be used on a regular basis, if at all, during winter. Whilst it may be the easiest time of year overall for maintenance as the pool will not be in use, preparing it for winter can be very labor intensive.

Firstly, the water should be drained to under the stated skimmer or relevant line, which ensures no water is constantly entering the filter and other pieces of equipment unnecessarily. Once this has been carried out, the pool should be cleaned thoroughly - including the equipment, such as the filter - followed by 'shocking' the water (a process by which the water is cleaned intensely) and finally covering the area with a sturdy, high quality cover.

Each pool varies depending on how and when it was built, so whilst the above provides a standard maintenance procedure, each and every pool may require greater or reduced maintenance.

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