Maintaining an Above Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2014 in Articles

Regular cleaning and monitoring of the swimming pool isn't much fun, but it is an essential part of having a pool on the property. An above ground pool needs a range of daily and weekly checks to make sure the water is kept clean and healthy. Maintenance duties include adding clarifiers to avoid cloudy water, monitoring the chemical balance of the water, and removing day-to-day dirt and debris.

Here are several of the steps involved in maintaining the outdoor swimming pool:


A common pool maintenance routine is including the required chemicals to maintain clean and sanitary water. A standard chemical is chlorine. This helps prevent the build-up of bacteria. It is easy to add to the water in liquid, tablet or stick form. Chlorine can cause problems for some people like irritating the skin and having a strong odour. An alternative option is using a cleaner known as bromine. Bromine is just as effective at destroying the contaminants in the water, but it can break down quicker in sunny environments compared to chlorine.


Regular testing of the pool is a necessary part of maintaining the water quality. Twice weekly tests are needed for checking the alkalinity, pH and calcium levels. Even though it is necessary to conduct the wide-ranging tests of the water, there is no need to have anything beyond basic knowledge of chemistry. Most testing of the water is done using store-bought test strips. They make the entire process simple and straightforward. Also, the test strips give guidance on what chemicals may need adding to the water.


Shocking is another process needed to keep the pool water clean. This is different to using chlorine or bromine to treat the water. A shock treatment is designed to break down contaminants in the water known as chloramines. This is created when hairspray, makeup, or sweat combine with chlorine.


A daily cleaning ritual should include skimming the top surface of the water to collect debris like dead insects, dirt, leaves, etc. A simple tool like a skimmer is used for this process. A wall brush is also helpful for cleaning down the wall surfaces at regular intervals.

Filter Maintenance

A regular inspection of the pump and filter system is a further step to maintain the outdoor pool. A pool filter system should run for 8 to 12 hours at a time when the pool is in use. This makes sure the water is able to circulate sufficiently. A well-maintained filter is certain to help catch the dirt and debris in the water. A cartridge based filter system needs replacing regularly.

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