Maintaining the Appearance of the Pool Deck

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

A well designed and maintained deck area is certain to increase the appearance and functionality of the outside swimming pool. By putting in place a regular schedule of cleaning, it is certainly possible to keep this type of work to a minimum. A deck area requires cleaning at regular interval to avoid issues that could spread disease as well as avoiding accidents caused by a slippery surface resulting from the growth of bacteria.

Use the right type of cleaning procedure

A cleaning technique used for the pool deck is certain to differ dependent on the material of the surface. Common materials for the deck include epoxy aggregate, brick, stone, rubber granules, ceramic tile, and concrete (textured and brushed). Since there is such a choice of surfaces it always helps to follow the cleaning guidelines supplied by the manufacturers. A concrete surface for instance is effectively cleaned with a non-toxic oxygen bleach product and a high-quality brush. Chlorine-free bleach is highly effective at getting most of the dirt and grime out of concrete floor surfaces.

Using the right tools and equipment

A small to medium-sized deck area is often cleaned with the right hand tools, but a large-scale deck is likely to need the services of a high-performance pressure washer. A pressure washer is much more effective at cleaning and disinfecting the areas surrounding the pool as well as being quicker.

A small deck area is easy and straightforward to clean of dirt and scum with a little scrubbing and elbow grease. A stiff or hard brush is a desired tool to use with a non abrasive cleaner. Prior to using any of the commercial cleaning solution it is crucial to check that they are usable close to pool water. Certain cleaning agents can have a negative impact on the pool should it get into the water. A further option for cleaning the decks includes tri sodium phosphate (TSP) which is a highly effective cleaning agent and compatible with pool water.

Applying a high quality disinfection

A further step to maintain a clean deck area is to use a commercial disinfection to help with killing harmful bacteria or similar pathogens. A disinfection spay is easily applied using an air pressure sprayer or similar tool. This should help with clearing all signs of bacteria which has been left to build up over time. A freshly disinfected deck area should be rinsed with clean water straight away. Repeat this process several times per month to maintain a healthy environment.

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