Maintenance Of Hayward Cartridge Pool Filters- For Optimum Results  

by Pool Builders on 04-02-2012 in Articles

The maintenance of cartridge filters is quite easy and it allows fewer clogs as compared to its near substitutes i.e. the sand ones. This is because they work at a pressure lower than the sand ones. Hence, it puts less backpressure on the water pump and providing a better flow and effective turnover.
Hayward cartridge pool filters are suggested to be cleaned twice or thrice a season by simply removing the element of cartridge off. The cartridge element of Hayward filters are quite efficient and are capable of trapping debris which are as tiny as 10 to 12 microns.
Such maintenance is advisable because it helps in testing any serious damage that can make the filter incapacitated. This works along with the basic objective of removing the accumulated debris from the Hayward cartridge pool filters.

If there is a damage which cannot be repaired, it's recommended that the cartridge filter should be replaced. Otherwise the purpose of the filter i.e., effective cleaning and filtration would not be catered.
These filters should be properly stored and kept away from exposure to any kind of wear and tear. This protection is important because there is always a threat of rodents and small bugs to make their way into the filter and thereby causing damage to the filter.

In case of clogging which is quite general in case of filters, the filter would stop luring dirt particles or debris. In this case it becomes essential to use a clarifier in the water of the pool which helps in making trapping of debris extra easy for the filter. Hence, acts as a catalyst in improving the efficiency of the filter.

It's to be seen that the chemical compounds are suit the pool cartridge filter's specifications. There is a huge range and variety of these cleansing chemical compounds available in the market. These chemicals are very valuable in the cleaning process and are costly as well.

The filters should be scrubbed with the help of a liquid answer used for dish washing. This helps in pre-soaking the filter and is effective in clearing off all materials and lotions accumulated in the cartridge filters.

To remove the calcium deposits in the filter, it is suggested to make use of muriatic acid resolution. This makes the Hayward cartridge pool filters highly efficient and effective.

Verification of PH level is also essential.

All these helps to make the Hayward filters last longer.

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