Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pool While You Are on a Vacation  

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2013 in Articles

Vacations are meant to be stress-free and relaxing. People go on for a vacation to have fun and leave away all the worries and tensions of daily work behind. People who have pools at their home like to return from their holiday in a happier mood and jump away into the pool to throw away all the tiredness and get ready for coming work commitments. But, what would happen when they walk into the backyard only to find out that the swimming pool has turned into an algae infested swamp? You don't even like the imagination, right? Don't worry. Read on to find some easy swimming pool maintenance tips which will keep your pool sparkling and refreshing while you are away on a holiday.

When you build a swimming pool in your house, make sure to purchase a pool cover. This cover proves to be very useful when the swimming pool is not in use for a very long time. It helps in keeping the water surface free from leaves, bugs and other dirt.

The water filled in the pool must be in good balance. Use test strips to check the chemical levels of water a day before departure. Set the chemical levels, for example, pH balance of water, alkalinity, and calcium hardness at high levels so that they automatically come down within the days you are away. Also, be sure to shock the pool a day before leaving. Don't leave tasks for the last moment before leaving the home. There are chances that you might forget something important.

If you have a timer set on the pool pump then there is no need to worry. But, if not it is better to shut the pool pump off before leaving the house. Pool can lose a couple of inches of water while you are away. So, if the pump is left on, air can be sucked into it forcing it to shut down completely. You don't want to purchase a new pump after returning home, right?

Many people say that it is better to give the responsibility of taking care of swimming pools to trusted neighbor, friend or relative. But, experiences have shown that it is not a good idea. The person to whom the responsibility is given might not know the basics of swimming pool maintenance and he or she might do something that is not good for the pool. Taking help from someone else might make the matter worse. So, its better not to ask anybody for favor and be prepared by yourself to handle the situation.

Two days before departure, brush, vacuum and clean all the pool's surfaces. If you don't have much time, hire a professional service to do this for you. Remove all the debris, hairs and leaves stuck in the filter. If there is algae infestation, make sure you get them cleared too. Don't forget to add slow dissolving chlorine tablets and algaecide to the pool just before locking the doors.

Make sure that you have closed and locked all the entryways towards the pool. Leaving a swimming pool unguarded can be very dangerous especially when animals or kids fall in it unknowingly.

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