Maintenance Tips for Your Swim Fins  

by Pool Builders on 01-22-2013 in Articles

Swim fins are a very important piece of tools in your snorkeling, diving, or swim gear. Anyone who has found that wonderful pair of fins knows how important it is to keep them enduring as long as possible. If you have recently purchased a new pair of fins or are just keen to recognize around keeping your tried and true ones for looking out a unknown as long as possible, make sure you keep reading to find so that you get tips to care for your swim fins.

Rinse and Dry
this is one of the most important and easiest effects you can do to extend the life of your fins. After you're every swim session regardless of the fresh or salty/chlorine based water, it is always safer to rinse your fins away with the fresh water. Even short-term exposure to corrosive chemicals, such as chlorine and salt, can eat away at even the most durable materials. Luckily, a majority of pool, lake and beach facilities are seen with running fresh water for your free accessibility. Simply run the water over and in the fins for a few seconds to wash away the potentially harmful substances.

Once your fins are rinsed off, you must make sure to dry them properly. This just means that you would necessitate a dry towel wrap them up and keep them inside a well-ventilated gear bag. This could be especially true if you are seen using the fins sparingly and store them up for a longer time durations. Even fresh water can damage fins if left on for too long. Always keep a mesh bag on hand or a spare towel to dry your entire wet swim gear after your time in the water. This will keep newer fins in extreme shape and keep older fins from dry rotting in storage.

Shield from Direct Light
The rough sunlight could simply damage the swim fins unlike the way it get damaged from effects like chlorine or salt water. You should always store your fins in a cool, dry, covered location. Keep them away from any direct sunlight just to prevent from fading or breakdown. UV rays can harm fin material simply as it harms our own skin. To really extend the life of your fins, keep your favorite pair of fins stored inside, as opposed to a tools box or bag about the pool. In addition to direct sunlight, intense hot or cold temperatures can ruin the composition of swim fins. So, you have one more reason to keep them in a suitable shape.

Correct Use and Wear

Swim fins should only be used and worn while in the water. Walking about the beach or pool deck can abrasive up the bottom of fins and hinder the way they propel you through the water. Walking over the dry land with swim fins can even wreck havoc as it can flatten the natural curve of its blade and thus could hamper its performance during your water workout session. In order to let alone these misshaping effects, make sure you take out the extreme from the fins before you dive inside the water. Also, if your fins come with an adjustable heel strap, loosen the strap before slipping on the fins. While you are probably able to work your foot into the fin's pocket without loosening the strap, this can result in stretching out the soft material over time. To keep all your the parts of the fins intact for the long, you use it properly by fixing it gently over your legs.

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