Maintenance of Commercial Swimming Pools  

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Commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada are popular among people as they offer recreational as well as exercising opportunity. You do not need to spend on your own private pool for swimming. Commercial pools must be cleaned on a regular basis as they are used by many people daily. Not cleaning them on time can lead to skin and eye infections in swimmers. It is the responsibility of the pool owner to either hire a professional swimming pool cleaner or have an in- house staff to sanitize and maintain the pool. Sanitizing gets rid of bacteria and other microbes in the water. Below are some tips on upkeep of commercial pools.

Tools used

You should know the types of tools used in cleaning and maintaining commercial pools before understanding how to clean them. Some of the commonly used tools are given below. Additionally, you will need chlorine as a disinfectant and a water testing kit to check the check the alkaline levels in the pool water.

Tile brush

Tile brush is a cleaning supply that is essential for the upkeep of the commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is a block made of wood and has bristles on one side. It is typically made use of in brushing and cleaning the walls of the pool. Brushing can get rid of moss and algae deposits on the walls. In order to keep the pool floor from getting dirty and slippery, this brush can be used to scrub the same.

Algae brushes

These are the brushes with metal bristles used to clean the pool and prevent it from getting infested with algae. This is typically used for concrete commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada rather than tile floored pools as the metal bristles are not suitable for the latter. You can use this supply to brush the walls and the floor.

Leaf skimmer

This is a simple tool used to skim leaves out of the water. It has a long metal handle attached to a wire basket or a wire net. You can pull out sticks and other floating debris and dirt from water using the tool. It ensures that these dirt particles do not clog the pool water. Get a skimmer with long handle so that you can use it to clear the debris from all the corners of the pool.

Pool vacuum

You should get an automatic pool cleaner in order to clear out the grime from the bottom of the pool. There are three types of automatic pool cleaners- pressure side pool cleaner, robotic pool cleaners and suction side pool cleaners. You can opt for a manual pool vacuum if you think that is suitable. This device works on battery. You can use it to vacuum the whole swimming pool in no time.

Steps to clean and sanitize swimming pools

The first step to cleaning is getting rid of the debris and grime that can accumulate on the walls and floors of the pool. The next step is to check the chemical levels in the water. This includes checking pH level and alkaline level. They should be maintained between a certain range, not following which, the users may experience skin and eye irritations. After this, you should check the filters for any dirt and clean them or replace them with new ones based on the requirement. Then pool cleaning agents like chlorine or bromine should be added to the water in the commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada, carefully by following certain safe methods.

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