Maintenance of Swimming Pools in Summers

by Pool Builders on 07-27-2010 in Articles

Swimming pool is a healthy addition for a house with countless benefits in the season. Maintenance of swimming pool in summer is fairly simple and includes some weekly tasks for a complete summer fun.

Different chemicals are added to the pool water for sanitizing (normally chlorine). After that, pool shocking and oxidization removes the wastes and leftovers of water and chlorine reaction. Moreover it removes the chlorine smell. If you are not expert then take the water sample to a local pool service for test for more satisfaction. A good circulation of water (8-10 hours/day) is essential for the pool.

Water filtration and water pressure is also important. Filters should be selected in accordance with the water pressure and pool size and should be replaced as required. After every pool usage, check the skimmer basket, empty and clean it from the wastes. Always keep the skimmer basket and filters clean and affixed properly.

Weekly clean (vacuum/ brush) pool floor, walls and deck, remove pool contamination and swimmer's left over from water, keenly observe and remove algae and other plantation with in and around the pool. Only polyester suiting should be used o keep the pool clean for a longer time.

Check the electrical connections of pool mechanism and lighting arrangement. Ensure the safety and fitting of railings and other accessories attached. If you observe anything strange with pool then inform the local pool service supplier (if you have hired).

These simple tips and a little interest can make lots of fun and a healthy activity within your place.

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