Maintenance of Your Wooden Patio Furniture  

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2012 in Articles

A patio can be a place where you can relax and spend some quality time with your friends and family. With right furniture thrown in, you can make it more welcoming. You should analyze your place settings, pool area, purpose of the furniture and size of your patio in order to choose the furniture that suits the d©cor. There are many materials from which outdoor patio furniture Toronto, Ontario, Canada are manufactured. The most common materials used are wood, wicker, plastic, wrought iron and aluminium. Wood furniture can be made from teak, eucalyptus, redwood, cedar, pine, mahogany, oak and other woods. Here is some information on how to take care of wooden patio furniture.

Cedar furniture

Outdoor patio furniture Toronto, Ontario, Canada made from cedar wood are gaining popularity. Cedar is a softwood which is decay resistant. You can find two types of this wood used in furniture, eastern white cedar and western red cedar. The wood which gives out a pleasing aroma is also known to be insect resistant. The aroma can keep rodents and cockroaches away. Since it is a softwood, cedar is vulnerable to dings and dents. To protect from damages caused by weather, you should paint the furniture or apply protective oil on it.

Teak outdoor furniture

Teak is the most used wood for manufacturing outdoor patio furniture Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is because of its desirable properties of water resistance and decay resistance. The silica present in it can shield the wood from decaying, swelling, warping and rotting. It also protects the wood from harmful chemicals. The desirable properties of teak do not end here, it is also known for its resistance towards alkalis, fire and acids. Outdoor teak furniture can be maintained by cleaning them from dirt, mildew, pollen, etc and applying teak oil.

Eucalyptus wooden furniture

Patio furniture made from eucalyptus are being extensively used as they are easily available and inexpensive. Eucalyptus wood is known to be highly durable. It is also decay resistant and insect resistant. In order to protect its natural color, you can apply teak oil on the furniture once a year. It is better to place water resistant covers on the furniture when not in use, as all types of wood are normally gullible to moisture and humidity. If your wood furniture is sealed, you can make use of wood sealer protector on it. To prevent scrapes and stains, paint the furniture with polyurethane sealer.

Other types

Other wood types that are made use in manufacturing outdoor furniture are mahogany, pine, etc. In general, you should avoid keeping hot food on wood furniture. If you spill something on them, wipe and clean with a soft towel so that no further harm is caused. In order to prevent decaying of wood, you can use a thin coat of paint, protective oil or other preservative on them. You should clean wooden furniture annually and apply coating of a protectant, in order to preserve the natural color. To take care of rough spots on your outdoor patio furniture Toronto, Ontario, Canada you can make use of sand paper to sand out the area and then apply sealant on it.

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