Make Family Holidays Less Stressful by Staying in a Serviced Pool Villa

by Pool Builders on 06-01-2010 in Articles

If children don't need to be on their best behaviour all the time, everyone can relax. Young children away from home for the first time will also find it easier to adjust, with the familiar home set-up, plus the fact that they can watch their favourite DVDs and spread out with their toys.

Space is another important advantage of staying in a villa: children have ample room to play and let off steam in the garden and swimming pool. The whole family can spread out and each person can have their own space - no more fighting over the remote control or whispering on the balcony after lights out. Parents can enjoy the amenities of the villa in full every evening and naptimes are no longer a nuisance.

The kitchen facilities available in a villa offer families complete control over food and mealtimes, which can be a major flashpoint when travelling with infants and toddlers. All kitchens are fully equipped, and there are also chefs available on demand, allowing parents to prepare baby food, or eat at a later time than their children. And because each villa is serviced daily, there is always someone on hand to help with the washing up.

Like any good hotel, most holiday villas offer cots and high chairs as standard; there is also a full range of family tours and excursions that can be arranged by the villa manager, should you wish to explore the area. Getting around is easy: a complimentary tuk-tuk (which can take a stroller) is at your disposal for local trips to the market, convenience store or down to the beach. In other words, mums and dads, you can actually take that well-needed break - everything is taken care of for you.

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