Make Grilling Fun

by Pool Builders on 02-01-2011 in Articles

You can make your own party when you cook out. Grilling can be fun. Bring your radio outdoors so you can listen to your favorite music. Have fun singing with the radio. When a fast song comes on dance with your kids. When a slow song comes on grab your spouse or significant other and dance together.

Invite your family and friends over when you are grilling. Enjoy a couple of beverages while you all catch up with each other's lives. Good food and good company always go together.

Wear a grilling apron and even a chef's hat to let everyone know that you are in charge of the grill and the food that is about to be served.

While you are grilling out you can join in in a game of croquet with your family and/or guests. You will have more of a chance to play croquet if you are grilling chicken or another food that takes longer to cook on the grill. You can always check your meats on the grill when it is someone else's turn as well.

If you have a swimming pool enjoy a dip in the pool with your guests. Play a little beach ball, float on a raft, dive through an inner tube with your kids. Once you get out of the swimming pool you can dry off in the warm summer breeze and sunshine. Everyone in the swimming pool will be working up an appetite so hopefully you have plenty of food to go around!

Another outdoor game you can enjoy is horseshoes. Make a couple of teams and challenge each other to a game or two of horseshoes.

Bocce ball is all of the rage these days. Get a game going with your guests and the winner can have an extra slice of dessert.

If you have a basketball hoop you and your guests can have a ball playing a game of basketball. Challenge each other to a game of horse.

When it is time to eat, everyone can gather around the picnic tables that you decorated with red and white checkered tablecloths. Once all of the guests have eaten you can roast marshmallows on the grill. Have the kids gather up long thin branches ahead of time or use extra long forks that you may have bought just for marshmallows or hot dogs to grill or use with a campfire.

After your meal and dessert you can all sit by the campfire. Relax and enjoy the conversation. Lower the music so you can all hear each other. You can all participate in telling scary stories or life stories. Your grilling fun will turn into a memorable time with many cherished memories.

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