Make Living Easy With Solar Power  

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2013 in Articles

Solar and wind energy are commonly becoming the topics of conversation as the world is gradually shifting from filthy coal, oil, and other fossil fuels to clean and renewable solar and wind energy. It would be really fascinating for you to know that the total amount of energy consumed is rapidly increasing in almost all the households. The energy consumed by Australian households has increased for over last two decades is forecast to continue increasing in future. The primary uses of solar energy at home are water heating, space heating, drying clothes and many others. Let us here take a look at some of the major uses of solar energy at any household.

Clothesline: Drying clothes in sun rays may seem to be a little barbaric task to do, but this is one of the direct uses of solar power in its most natural way. Moreover, instead of using clothes drying appliances, using this way to dry clothes can help you save on electricity by 5-10%. You may not want to dry your expensive designer clothes in this way, but you must start off with drying your towels and linens.

cool your home: Solar energy is a form of renewable energy that is even useful for cooling your home. You may wonder how sun can help on cooling of a space, but this is a very simple process. The appliance required for this is solar chimney, which helps in heating up the air and the heated air moves up so as to create a low pressure zone inside the house and high pressure outside. This allows the air to move from exterior to the interior of the building, resulting in cool atmosphere.

Solar panels: When you think of using Alternative power, I am sure that solar panels are the first thing that comes to your mind. Earlier on, the usage of solar panels in households was very less because of its pricey factor. However, presently, with the increasing cost of electricity and increasing number of power cuts due to its scarcity, the situation is changed. Moreover, because of the availability of solar panels at reasonable price in the market, the usage of solar panels at households is spiraling high.

Lights for outdoor spaces: Solar powered lighting for outdoor spaces like patio and landscapes are in fashion these days. These lighting are available in various designs, styles, and patterns these days, ensuring the overall layout of the house. These lighting are usually wireless and easy to install. However, make sure that you install these lighting in such a position that they get enough sun rays during day time.

Electronic appliances: There is a wide array of solar electronic items that you can choose from for your household. You can use music system with solar back up, solar juicer, solar mixer and grinder, solar juicer and many more. Cell phones and laptops backed with solar energy are also available in the market. Usual electronic items consume a lot of electricity and therefore, it is advisable to use solar electronic items in place of the former.

Water heating systems: If you have a swimming pool in your house, then heat the water of the pool by using solar water heating. This can help you enjoy your swimming pool in the house throughout the year.

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