Make Sure To Avoid the Most Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

If you are lucky to have a swimming pool on the property, you are certain to be one of the most fortunate. But with the ownership of a pool comes the responsibility to complete the required maintenance. Caring for the pool needn't be difficult provided the right steps are taken. A well cared pool is certain to offer a safer and happier place for the entire family to enjoy.

Here are several of the issues to avoid in the process of maintaining the pool -

Not inspecting the quality of the pool's water. A twice weekly inspection of the pool's chemistry is a certain need throughout the summer. By taking this step it is possible to get an early sign of issues with the water. A regular monitoring process is preferable to enable minor adjustments to be made and not significant changes less often.

Not keeping a watchful eye on the level of pH. Issues are likely to be experienced with the quality of the water if the pH gets about 8.0. Once the pH level gets as high as 8.5 the chlorine present in the pool is only about 10 percent active. A preferable range for the pH level is 7.5 which should ensure the chlorine is 50 to 60 percent active. Maintaining the pH level is necessary to make sure the chlorine present in the water is able to operate much more effectively.

Not conducting a daily inspection and cleaning of the skimmer basket. A regular clean of the skimmer basket or lint and hair pot connected to the pump system is certain to mean good circulation is maintained. A pool pump full of debris is certain to experience difficulties and this could cause significant issues in the long-term.

Include chemical solutions during the day. Aim to include the required chemicals later in the day once the sun has set. This should ensure the chemicals are less likely to evaporate and able to offer the most returns.

Not leaving the pumps in operation long enough. Ideally, a pump needs to be left operating for approx one hour for each 10° of temperature. A pump able to offer efficient circulation is certain to help with maintaining a low-maintenance pool.

Not cleaning the wall and floor surface regular enough. A significant reason to brushing down the surfaces of the pool is to limit the issues related to algae. A weekly clean is needed to make sure the algae isn't able to get in a position of hardening, which will be difficult to remove and might require the services of the specialists.

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